About Us

In 1977, Anthony Demaria’s lifelong dream of opening a small electrical shop became a reality.  With the help of his sons, he worked out of his garage, mainly servicing the maritime and fishing industries in the Los Angeles and Long Beach Harbors.  Three decades, and three locations later, they have produced a world class electrical shop that has grown to lead the motor industry using all the latest technologies.  Anthony has retired with the comfort of knowing that his sons continue to expand the company.  Demaria Electric  now services the oil and energy industries while maintaining its maritime connection.


Demaria Electric has always prided itself on the quality of its service and the skill of its workforce.  The absolute best materials, analysis, equipment and personnel are utilized for unbeatable reliability and maintainability.  For the best possible repair on electro-mechanical equipment, Demaria Electric Motor Services should be your only choice.

Anthony Demaria Sr. (center) with his sons from left to right: Daniel, David, Tony Jr., Gary.